PanelClaw launched: dedicated support for C&I solar industry

DEVENTER 3 JULY, 2023 – Today, Esdec Solar Group is proud to announce the launch of PanelClaw, a new organization within the Esdec Solar Group family. PanelClaw will focus, with its innovative mounting system Wave, on the market of large-scale rooftop solar projects.

In addition to delivery through a network of distributors, Esdec already delivered directly to developers of large projects but has now chosen to carve this out of the Esdec organization and to set up a specific organization to allow it to reach full maturity. Experts, experience and specific knowledge are transferred from Esdec to PanelClaw. It is PanelClaw’s ambition to become the largest supplier of mounting systems and related services in the European C&I market for roof-mounted solar.

Dedicated Support

By making it a separate organization where a team of experts can fully focus on the commercial and industrial (C&I) business, the customers will receive maximum attention and support. The support provided to customers is very specialized and particularly involves a high level of responsiveness. PanelClaw promises its customers dedicated support at every stage of the project. Examples of this are initial feasibility studies, extensive support in the design of fields on roofs, customized training for the installation teams and customized logistics planning.

Customized approach

PanelClaw’s services go beyond just supplying mounting systems. Unburdening customers and support them where necessary in each phase of the project. With many different stakeholders in these kinds of projects (for example solar developers, EPC companies, financiers, insurance companies, installers, subcontractors, etc.), all with their own requirements and interests, it is quite a challenge to coordinate. The lead time of these projects can sometimes be long. PanelClaw sees it as their responsibility as a project partner, or portfolio partner, to ensure that the project runs smoothly and is not delayed.

In addition to customized support, product development also remains important. The Wave dual configuration will be expanded mid-July with a single configuration. Experts at PanelClaw are working almost continuously to further improve the innovative mounting systems. Improvements based on feedback from the market and based on increasingly advanced test results. It goes without saying that PanelClaw wants to be leading in innovation.

European targets

The outlooks of PV markets in various European countries show continuous, two-digit annual growth rates. A bright future but also a much needed one. In order to achieve the sustainability objectives, many solar projects will have to be developed at an accelerated pace. And that requires an efficient, large-scale approach and roll-out of these PV projects.

And that’s where PanelClaw comes in with its dedicated solution. One of Esdec Solar Group companies in the United States already has several years of experience focusing on the large commercial sector for rooftop solar. The experience there shows that full focus brings about much more effectiveness in service and product development. Only then progress can be made by scaling-up.