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Maximum efficiency on the roof comes in Wave

Maximum efficiency on the roof is one of the principles of Wave. In a dual setup, for the most balanced energy yield during the day, in a single setup (available mid July) for a higher peak yield in the middle of the day. Both set-ups are designed in such a way that the use of the roof surface is maximised and optimised. Ideal for large-scale projects where the latest generation of large solar panels are used. Download our brochure and read all you need to know our mounting systems.

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We deliver continuous value

Looking for a partner for your solar project? Find out below how we can be the foundation of your solar progress.

Our service starts today & never ends, actually

You need a partner that is bankable, certified & reliable, of course. That’s what we bring to the table. But we don’t stop there. We’re also all about sustainability and flexibility.

Sustainable because we prioritise sustainable operations and are committed to run things in an eco-friendly way. Flexible because we are aware that circumstances can change, we are quick on our feet to adapt and respond. And that’s why we see ourselves as your foundation for solar projects.

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Your partner, locally & globally

Our robust mounting systems are designed to thrive in the most challenging conditions. We quickly adapt to new situations and our systems are built to outlast your solar panels and roof. Our extensive international experience and expertise in safety and testing ensure that your solar installation always complies with the latest norms and standards. That is why we give you a 20-year warranty with confidence. At PanelClaw we love to simplify things.

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Minimise risks & maximise revenues

We understand you want a quick insight into the possibilities on your roof. What about the roof load? But also in further elaborations of a design. How do you optimise the design on the roof, in terms of costs and yield? We support you, with various scenarios, so you can pick the best option for your investment. For today and the days to come.

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