Trilogiport: 7,308 panels with Wave

Trilogiport: 7,308 panels with Wave

In the port of Liège, 7,308 panels with Wave have been installed on a large storage location at the multimodal Trilogiport area. It is an extension of the solar system that was already on the roof. This mounting system is very suitable for the large panels of Canadian Solar HiKu CS3W-420. Inverters from Huawei 100 KTL have been used. In total, the solar system is good for 8 MWp.

“Our experience with Wave has been very positive. We chose this system for several reasons. Firstly, the quick installation,” says the installer. “Within 3 weeks we had the mounting system and prepared the cabling. The project was completed within 7 weeks. In addition, the lower amount of ballast required and the fact that we could avoid damage to the roof skin with Wave. Our experience working with Wave has been very positive and we will continue to use this mounting system in the future.”

This project was delivered in collaboration with Rexel Belgium.


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