Ecorus realizes 16.2 megawatt peak with Wave for GLP in Zevenaar

Solar developer Ecorus is working with GLP Europe (one of the world’s largest logistics real estate players) to make its real estate portfolio ‘future proof’. The G-Park Zevenaar project was completed in 2023: a logistics park with a solar roof with an area of 21 football fields (just under 30,000 panels with a total capacity of 16.2 megawatt peak).

G-Park Zevenaar, with one of Europe’s largest PV roof installations, is located on the 7Poort business park in Zevenaar along the main transport corridors connecting Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the European markets, with the Ruhr area as the main destination.

At PanelClaw we are extremely proud that we, as a partner for the substructure, have been able to contribute and add our high-level project support to this great project with our Wave mounting system. The project was completed in 2023 and a Power Purchase Agreement has now been concluded with Fastned, supplier of a European fast charging network, which purchases the energy generated and supplies it to fast charging stations in the Netherlands.