Wave now available in a single setup

DEVENTER 17 JULY 2023 – As of today it is possible to install solar panels with the Wave mounting system in a single setup. The well-known Wave mounting system, specially developed for large panels that are used in projects on large roofs, was only available in a dual setup. Now the possibility for the single setup has been added.

Wave in dual setup ensures a more balanced energy yield during the day, the single arrangement for maximum yield in the afternoon hours. So now, it is possible with Wave to fill the roof surface as efficiently as possible.

The Wave mounting system is characterized by the pre-assembled units that make it possible to install quickly, without errors and without screws. Long-sided clamping of the panels provides maximum support for the panel. And with stabilizers, the whole system becomes so rigid that large fields can be installed with minimal ballasting.

All these features also apply to Wave’s single setup. In recent months, the new components for the single setup have been developed and extensively tested. Pre-assembled units have been developed that support 1 or 3 panels each. We also took this opportunity to look at how the clamping of the panel could be further improved. The high base and the zipper have been renewed, making it far easier to install and we also further improved the clamping force. This makes it possible to use the system in even heavier wind zones. This new feature will also be applied later this year to the dual assembled modules.

A rear wind deflector is always required for this single set-up. This new wind deflector is aerodynamically designed to best guide the airflow. This also means that less ballast is required.

From July 17 in the PanelClaw calculator you can easily design and calculate your project with the single setup of Wave.

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