Upgrade on Wave dual base units now available

Enhanced efficiency and performance in high-wind environments

DEVENTER, 5 SEPTEMBER 2023 – Today, PanelClaw, a leading supplier of and service provider in mounting systems for large-scale rooftop solar projects, is happy to announce the release of its upgraded design of the Wave dual (2P) units. The upgraded design optimizes efficiency and durability in challenging high-wind environments. A subtle adjustment of the clamping system, also applied to the recently introduced base units for single setup, allows for the utilization of fewer base units while ensuring installation in areas with elevated wind pressure.

In addition, it was decided, partly based on the experiences of key customers, to no longer offer the assembled base unit for 4 panels. The base units for 2 panels (2P) can be linked together so quickly that there is hardly any loss of time compared to the units for 4 panels. Moreover, using only base units for 2 panels offers logistical advantages: trailers can be arranged more efficiently and the handling on the roof will be safer.

Recognizing the critical importance of safely scaling up and accelerating the roll-out of large-scale PV projects on roofs, PanelClaw has invested considerable research and development efforts into further improving the unique patented clamping system of Wave. The result is an innovative mounting system that combines efficiency and resilience, offering a more cost-effective and robust solution for harnessing solar energy in harsher conditions.

Key features and benefits of the upgrade:

  • Optimized Design: The improved clamping force of the base dual unit makes it in many cases possible to leave out a third base unit in the design, significantly reducing installation time and costs. And also locking the panels with the so-called module locker has been made even easier.
  • Enhanced Wind Resistance: Areas with high wind pressure where installation was not possible in the past, are now, in several cases, suitable for installation with Wave. PanelClaw’s new base units are engineered to withstand elevated wind forces and are extensively tested. Data have been entered into the PanelClaw-calculator and generate safe project installation plans.
  • Optimized Logistics and Improved Handling: not only installation has become easier, also by only supplying dual units for 2 panels and adjusting the pallet size and the number of dual units per pallet, transport and handling on the roof has become even more efficient and economical.

The new base dual units are now available for purchase, offering solar developers and installers a solution that maximizes efficiency, minimizes costs, and extends the lifespan of solar installations in high-wind environments.

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