Increased PV-system safety with new lightning protection system components Wave mounting system

PanelClaw’s Wave mounting system has been enhanced with new lightning protection components, resulting in improved safety for PV-systems.

Deventer, 20 June 2024 – Today, PanelClaw, a leading supplier of innovative mounting systems for large scale rooftop solar projects, is pleased to introduce a set of components, that allow the Wave mounting system for solar panels to be integrated with a lightning protection system. These components are designed and independently tested to seamlessly integrate with the Wave mounting system and connect to the lightning protection system (LPS).

In certain situations, the integration of the mounting system into a lightning protection system (LPS) is essential to ensure the safety of both the solar system and the building it serves. In the event of a lightning strike, this integrated LPS provides a crucial pathway to safely dissipate the current, protecting the entire building  and minimizing the risk of damage.

Developed in close collaboration with industry experts, PanelClaw’s lightning protection components streamline the process of incorporating lightning protection measures into solar installations. With the installation of these components, it becomes remarkably easy to channel struck lightning safely through the system: connect the 2p base units by screwing the connectors into the base units and join them with the short aluminum wire. Then attach the cross connectors and the long aluminum wire for lightning discharge to the LPS.

These components closely fit with the Wave mounting system, enhancing its functionality while ensuring the safety and reliability of solar installations in areas prone to lightning activity.

“While PanelClaw ‘s mounting systems provide robust support for solar panels, the addition of lightning protection components reinforces our commitment to safety and reliability,” said Peter Deege, Managing Director at PanelClaw. “We do stress to our customers the importance of collaborating with lightning protection experts and adhering to national standards and regulations to develop tailored protection plans for each installation.“

PanelClaw emphasizes that while these components enhance the lightning protection capabilities of the Wave mounting system, they do not guarantee complete protection against lightning strikes on their own. Seeking advice from lightning protection experts is essential to develop comprehensive protection plans tailored to specific installations and regulatory requirements.


1009133 Wave Lightning Connector

1009134 Wave Lightning Connector cross

1009135 Wave Lightning Alu wire long

1009136 Wave Lightning Alu wire short