Enstall recently launched its first public sustainability report

As a proud member of our parent company Enstall, we are happy to share this innovative report, that aims to provide transparency about our accomplishments, challenges and aspirations in our journey to accelerate a sustainable future. You will be taken through the position of Enstall and the business units in the energy transition as well as the employees. Of course, we also focus on our strategic concerns, key themes and how we plan to achieve our goals.

PanelClaw’s strategy, accelerating the installation of solar, is an important part of decarbonizing the energy system. We do all this while carefully considering and managing our impact across material sustainability themes, ranging from health and safety to transparent supply chains.

Some sustainability highlights from 2022:

  • 7.8 GW estimated installed capacity
  • around 1 million created projects in our digital tools
  • 96% customer retention
  • 10K installers trained
  • bronze certificate in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice

Stijn Vos, Enstall CEO, is honored to lead a company comprised of over 650 dedicated professionals. “We advocate for an open and transparent supply chain, engaging in candid conversations about sustainability with all stakeholders. Through these discussions we have gained valuable insights and knowledge. In this report we provide a glimpse of these talks by including short interviews with partners in the value chain as well as Enstall staff. As contributors to the energy transition, our aspiration is to make a meaningful difference and lead by example in our value chain and in our operational vicinity.”

Enstall Sustainability Report